RSVP Voices: Anne’s story

In 2008, retired attorney Anne Davis joined RSVP's Financial Coaching Corps as one its first volunteers. Why? "I don't want people to feel alone. There are many people who, even in this horrendous economy, are really working hard at getting themselves into a better place. You meet remarkable people who are so motivated, really working on finding careers, on learning how to find work. This is my favorite volunteer job. I love it!"

One volunteer's empowering approach to financial stability

"Almost all my clients come in because of credit card and other debt that has become unmanageable, and because they are strapped for cash. People just have huge burdens.

On the RSVP Financial Coaching Corps process: "We start off by talking with everyone, to find out what their most pressing issue is. The CSS financial coaching program was designed to help people learn how to save, and to have a goal. Then we can determine which debt should have priority and work from there.

Many of our clients are very low-income, and their lives are very circumscribed. And many don't know they are eligible for things like food stamps, or rent assistance for example, so we make sure that FCC clients can also take advantage of other CSS services to help them access public benefits for which they're eligible."

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