David Enrolls: “Amazing How Simple It Was”

“What was amazing was how simple it is.”

“I was nervous, anxiety ridden, angry, and terrified,” said David L., a writer/director from Manhattan, about receiving a notice from his health insurance company that his policy, after 30 years of coverage, would be canceled on December 31, 2013 because it did not meet the minimum standards set by the Affordable Care Act.  Not sure of what to do next, he met a friend for coffee.  “I was going on about how I had been canceled, and he gave me the number for the Navigators in New York State.”   

He called the Community Service Society Navigator Network helpline and set up an appointment for later that week.  Arriving at CSS, he met with Milo Primeaux, a certified New York State Navigator, who walked David through his options. “What was amazing was how simple it is,” said David. “I am a political junkie so I watch TV all the time and everyone is just bad mouthing Obamacare and I’m going, this is easier than you are making it seem.”

Forty minutes later David had enrolled in a new health insurance plan that not only saved him $250 a month, but also came with prescription coverage, something his previous coverage lacked.  Even more important to David than the savings was being able to keep the doctor who he had seen for decades.  “This is just really great, this is fantastic,” smiled David as he wrapped up his appointment. “I’m going to give everyone I know this number.  Thank you.”

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