Strong Coverage Lets Suzanne Focus on Her Health

"That was the kicker for me. At CSS, they care."

46-year-old Suzanne D. arrived at CSS just days after meeting with her doctor. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” she said. “When you hear that for the first time you’re just overwhelmed.”

As her doctors began determining her course of treatment, including surgery, another issue arose. Suzanne had breast cancer, but no hospitalization insurance. Trying to find out what to do, the educator and Manhattan resident reached out to her health care provider.  “After many hours of phone calls, no one could tell me whether or not it was possible to add hospitalization coverage to my policy. That was terrifying.” 

Suzanne looked online at the NY State of Health marketplace, but needed help making sense of the information there. When someone recommended the CSS Navigator Network, she called but didn’t expect much. “Then a kind, informed, helpful person answered the phone. I was in shock.”

Suzanne  was quickly connected to CSS Navigator Katie Engst, who walked her through different  options on the marketplace. “In about forty minutes Katie helped me find an affordable plan that allows me to keep my doctors, with hospitalization insurance I didn’t have before. It’s an amazing plan.” Suzanne is eligible for Advanced Premium Tax Credits and Cost-Sharing Reductions, which means she pays only $130 per month for her new Silver Level Plan, and has  no deductible.

With her insurance issues resolved, Suzanne spoke of focusing in on her health, and next steps for treatment: “When you get this sort of traumatic news, to have to worry about something like health coverage is ridiculous.  Katie and the other people at CSS took that off my shoulders. That was the kicker for me when I went to bed Friday night. At CSS, they care."

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